TC Metro App

The challenge to the Twin Cities in ushering transit users is to make it easier for you and I to quickly navigate and recognized the system. No longer do we just need to go Downtown, we travel everywhere, and so we need to know how to immediately transfer to the 16 or wait a few more minutes for a limited bus. We have to help people learn the system for it to become more frequently used -- just like you don't travel roads you don't know. Presenting the right information may mean finding the nearest lines, which bus stops have shelters, and deducing whether a nearby route might be actually faster. A transit app that focuses on providing you the full data and letting you interpret that information in real time can make adopting and connecting transit easier.

Where To Go Now

The first phase is to create a web-based app to launch a stable interface that defines the mission and feel of this project. Fortunately I've already built this! Over a hundred hours have went into constructing a web-based prototype that allows you to quickly find the real time arrivals of a transit route via Metro Transit's API feed and matched that with openly available route stops and layer data.

The next phase with the backing of supporters lik you will involve one of the following long-term goals that further defines the vision of this transit app. These goals require time, patience, focus, and a lot of design/code planning to fulfill. They require blocks of hours in front of code, building and trying different approaches, resolving problems in hundreds of lines of code, testing design interfaces and much more. At every step, your feedback will be an important response to the changing shape of this ambitious project. The more funding, the more goals that can be approached and integrated in each cycle.

  1. 1) Incorporate and visualize a more useful and enhanced transit map with clickable stops that combines elements from other transit systems in my travels.
  2. 2) Create a simple user system in which users can save favorite routes and customize their own dashboard that relates to their transit experience.
  3. 3) Enhance route pages into route "homepages" where users can leave comments, post photos, route feedback, check in to Foursquare, post to social media, and other functions which place emphasis on the rider experience.
  4. 4) Create stop and station "homepages" where riders can comment and rate stops and routes for future improvement feedback to Metro Transit. Riders can for example realize that waiting at the next bus stop down is better because it may be heated or provide a shelter.
  5. 5) Integrate bicycling information such as where kiosks and corrals are. My vision of a transit app is one that enhances your existing ability to use, influence, and enjoy the transit system that is yours!

Use it and Improve it!

Crowd-sourcing our transit system's quirks through this app is a constant goal, if you want to jump on early, just send comments through the feedback form at the bottom! I also welcome comments and suggestions directly to my email.

Support MN Tech

For less than the price of bus fare, you can be an early supporter to Twin City Metro App.